Golf is a game where you have to involve your mind and body. It is a brilliant game which helps you to relax and be competitive at the same time. Every golf player is unique, and all of them have different abilities and skills, but everyone has their favourites and their own opinion on various players. The following is the list of the top golf players in the world:

Jack Nicklaus:

  • Jack Nicklaus happens to be one of the best golf players of all time. He has about 18 notable wins and has been the runner-up for about 19 occasions. He is one of the oldest champions and is also the first player to complete double and triple career slams. He has a total of 73 PGA tour victories and is the greatest players of all time.

Tiger Woods:

  • Tiger is yet another golf player who has done wonders. His victories haven’t yet eclipsed Nicklaus’ records, but he certainly has had many unbelievable victories and also won the hearts of many people. Woods has a total of 14 majors, and he has won more money and awards than any other player in this field. Woods, however, has more PGA tour wins when compared to Jack Nicklaus. Both the players have a unique style of playing and brilliant in their ways.

Ben Hogan:

  • Ben is a perfect example of a person who fights for victory no matter what happens in their life. Ben had to struggle for many years to get his breakthrough on tour and finally when he started to have a good career. He met with an accident which put his career at stake. Despite the entire situation, Ben fought his way back and managed to win about nine majors and he has a total of 62 career wins.

Arnold Palmer:

  • Palmer has a total of seven major championships, and he has won about 62 times on the PGA tours. He was keen on reviving golf and also helped in bringing the British Open. Arnold was recognised as the sports hero during the 1950s. He won his seven majors in just six years and was a real champion.

Bobby Jones:

  • Bobby Jones has nine PGA Tour victories, and he was the one who co-founded the Masters. He retired at a very young age but has played in about 31 majors and was placed in the top 10 for almost 27 years.

Tom Watson:

  • Tom Watson has won about five British Open, and he has also won several battles with the greatest golf players of all time, Nicklaus. He has won nearly 39 PGA Tours and has eight major championships.

Gary Player:

  • Gary Player, popularly known as the Black Knight has won 72 times in the Sunshine Tour, and he has about 24 PGA tours. In the year 1965, he was the first non-American to win all the four majors.