One of the sports that has seen a big growth in popularity since the end of the last century is mixed martial arts or MMA. This sport came from a combination of different martial arts, and even has roots leading back to ancient times. It falls under full contact, combat sports, usually done in a cage or ring. MMA is a type of martial arts that allows grappling, striking, and use of techniques unusual for other martial arts such as boxing, karate, taekwondo and others. Mixed martial arts are recognised worldwide, and there are events for all genders.

While it is a combat sport and fighting is part of it, MMA training has recently found its way into fitness training. This article will highlight why MMA training in Sunshine Coast should be considered as a fitness routine, and its benefits.

All of your muscles are working

Everyone knows that fitness programs focus on one group of muscles for each day, so there is arm day, leg day, back day and so on. Perks of doing mixed martial arts training is that work on all groups of muscles together bring them to their best form. Participants of MMA fights are known to have a strong upper and lower body, as well as substantial strength in their legs and arms.

You will become more flexible

Even if they do not look very flexible at first glance, mixed martial arts fighters have to work on their flexibility so they can perform different manoeuvres and techniques from other martial arts. This is why training also works and focus on flexibility, something that is not often part of gym routines or cardio training.

Getting rid of extra calories

Most people tend to start doing fitness or going to the gym to lose weight and burn built up calories. Some say that by doing just one MMA training session you can burn from 500 up to 600 calories for no more than an hour of work. It may be a harder routine and every muscle may be hurting afterward, but it will definitely be effective, if continued.

Learn to defend yourself

MMA is considered as a potentially dangerous combat sport and fights are done without any protective gear, but training does not need to require full-on fight. Sadly, we live in a world where you never know when knowing how to self-defend and throwing a few right and effective kicks can come in handy. With just basic training, you could learn not only how to defend yourself while standing, but also while on the ground, or any other real-life situation. Skills learned can also be useful in case you need to escape from a takedown. This is just an extra handy bonus while you build muscles and get rid of those few extra pounds.

Have more confidence

A lot of people have stated that they felt their confidence rise after taking on mixed martial arts training. Also, a lot of coaches have said they saw people come with low confidence but after weeks of training would glow with self-confidence. As it is with other martial arts sports, there are rules and honours that keep a positive atmosphere both in the ring and out, as well as help improve mental wellbeing.