Why play sports?

Sport is an activity potentially able to make us live better, much better. Who does sport as it should:

  • it is healthier;
  • it is thinner;
  • it is more active;
  • it’s more beautiful;
  • it ages more slowly.

However few people manage to achieve all this with sports practice: why?

The reasons are different, but probably the main reason is due to the fact that the sport is tiring .

To overcome fatigue requires a strong motivation , which not everyone has.

But you do not only need motivation, you also need to keep it high in the long run. Many people have practiced sports in their youth, but then they have stopped losing all the advantages I have described above, actually returning to be sendentari.

Others, however, have never fully achieved these goals, because they have never practiced the sport properly. These people can not have a strong motivation because they have never touched the true benefits of sport. It is not by chance that those who enjoy all the advantages of sports are often those who approach sport in a second phase of their lives, for example after 40 years. These subjects discover that sport is able to make them rejuvenate for years, to make them feel as strong as when they were 25 years old, and to discover that the physical decadence they notice around them is not normal, it can be delayed simply by practicing correctly. a resistance sport.

In this section I want to devote myself to the motivations that drive sports, trying to promote the concept that if you want to keep the motivations high you have to understand them all and metabolize them so as to be ready, when one decreases, to replace it with another one promptly, so that the global motivation is always well above fatigue. Only in this way sport becomes a 100% object of love, something we can not do without, even if it costs so much effort.

How to feed motivation

Many, too many people leave the sport after a certain period of time. Abandonment occurs when the motivation drops and becomes lower than the threshold of fatigue that the individual is able to bear: when they are missing those factors that make the effort to play sports a pleasant thing . For this reason it is important to understand that motivation is a factor that must be understood and cultivated, to make it remain high.

The only way to practice sports correctly and until the end of our days is to love sports. And the sport is loved only if the motivation is high enough.

Many begin to practice sports driven by a strong motivation, but then stop when it goes out (for example because the goal is reached).

For example, those who do sport to lose weight , once achieved the goal, easily lose enthusiasm and leave.

Those who play sports only for socializing abandons once the group is divided, because others give up or for other work or family commitments.

Those who play sports only to be more beautiful often spring when they find a partner or a partner, or when the value of aesthetics is no longer a fundamental importance in his life.