Custom T-shirt designs have become a common thing now as more people want to express themselves and show uniqueness.  Creating a custom t-shirt design can be fun and a cool way of expressing your personality. Here are some useful tips to help you create stunning custom t shirt designs: 

Brainstorm and Conceptualise Your Design – Making a custom t-shirt design is not as easy as some people might imagine especially when you want to have drawings on the t-shirt. Look at the design and imagine it on the t-shirt.

Leave the design and look at it later on to see if you still like it the way it is. It is important to take your time on the design in order to have the very best one.

Keep it Simple – Simplicity will get your message across in the best way possible. If your design is too complex or very highly detailed, chances are it will not get the message across as required. Keep the ideal simple but ensure the details are there.

Use Humour but be Subtle – Humour is a global language that all can relate to and therefore they many people will recognise your design when humorous. However, do not use strong words or words that can be offensive to people in your humour.

High Quality Printing – If you have a great design but the printing is poor quality, your custom t-shirt design will not stand out. Choose a printer or a printing company that uses high quality printers for a great product.

Use High Resolution Images – The images you use o the design have to be high quality images. Remember that the images will have to be resized to fit on the t-shirt which can cause a decline in the quality of the image.

Consider the Market – Who do you intend the custom t-shirt design for? Is it for the old or the young? Is it for ladies or men? When you have identified your market you can be able to create designs that will appeal to them more. When you know exactly who intend your design for you can be able to capture them with ease.

Choose the Right Colours – Choose the colours to use on your designs based on the colour of the t-shirt that you will use. Also, choose the colours depending on who you want to attract.

Young people like bright colours while more mature persons might prefer cool colours. Also women are known to like bright colours like pink, red and yellow.

Be Ahead of Current Trends – Current trends are good and they attract many people but you will find many designers using those trends which means that originality lacks. The best thing to do is know the trends but be ahead of them. That will help you create designs that are trendy but more authentic.

It is also advisable that you be informed and knowledgeable about the t-shirt market and everything else that would help you become a good designer. Designing software is always coming up and therefore keeping tabs will help you get the right software for you. Custom t-shirt designs have become popular in recent times and the trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.